The informal sector in Cameroon 12.00 / 20

The informal sector in cameroon is a serious problem. In fact the hight level of taxes and le lack of job opportunities push the^population and especially the youth in that informal economy which employ for about 90% of the active population

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Plan :

1 the causes of developement of informal sector in Cameroon
-the small demand for labour in formal sector
-Administrative and fiscal worries
-The search for means of livelihood

2 Some activities of informal sector
-Activities of production
-Trade activities
-Services activities

3 Impact of informal sector
-Positive impacts
-Negative impacts

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Posté le 24 oct. 2009

hi my dear your plan is captivant but you haven't put much emphasises.It means you have not deeply developed your points.but courage,it's not too wrong.

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