Competition in the banking industry

Rapport de stage en anglais

Les effets de la concurrence au sein du secteur bancaire : aspects positifs, aspects négatifs, limites et contrôles à imposer à la concurrence.

Nowadays, the banking industry has become significantly more competitive than in the past and competition is likely to increase further. New competitive pressures are emerging from abroad, owing to the liberalisation of international banking and capital flows, and as a result of the adoption of new banking technologies. However, there are some limits resulting from the particular characteristics of the banking system. The word « system » is the key because it emphasizes the natural element existing among banks, which form the core of the monetary system, channelling liquidity to the other participants of the financial system and managing the payments traffic in the economy.


Table of contents :


I. Positive effects of competition in the banking industry

II. Negative effects of competition in the banking industry

III. Control and limits to impose to competition in banking



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