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Exposé de communication, niveau BAc+2, sur Le sponsoring sportif en anglais


Sponsorship was created during the ancient roman period. In fact Cesar supported gladiator battles in order to get more votes on behalf of people.

Sponsoring in the world of sport is a means of advertising (below the line), such as public relations, sales promotion and other communications. The sport sponsorship is part of companies' marketing strategy. It's a commercial agreement between a company and a sport, an event, a federation, a sport team, a stadium or a sport star. It usually involves the right to associate the name of the company[...]


  • Avantages
  • Différentes techniques et différents suports pour sponsoriser
  • Exemples et chiffres

Version texte, en anglais)

  • Introduction, sponsoring definition
  • Advantages of the sponsoring
  • Different strategies and techniques so as to sponsor
  • Figures and examples
  • Conclusion and sources


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i need this document

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tres bon exposé

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