Study of Guinness (beer) : Analysis 17.00 / 20

Study of Guinness (Beer)

For the topic of my report I had to choose something in relation to the country where I spend my years: Ireland.

For me one of the most representative elements of Ireland is GUINNESS.

More over Guinness use a lot of marketing to be present almost everywhere, so it's in perfect relation with my DUT.

For my analysis I will study the marketing mix, and analyze advertising.


Contents :

Beer consummation in Ireland:

Presentation of Guinness :

    The steps to brew Guinness?

    Theories About Advertising

      • Global branding
      • Definition of global branding
      • The consumers' perception of global brands
      • Analyse of global branding
      • Challenges facing global brands
      • The Media
      • Television
      • Newspapers
      • The Internet

      Marketing Mix

        • Price
        • Place
        • Promotion
        • Product

        Analyze of the competitors

          • The Porter's strategies

          Brief analyze of the most important competitors: Heineken

          Analyze Of Advertising




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              Posté le 1 avr. 2012

              here are often economies of scope associated with family branding since several products can be efficiently promoted with a single advertisement or campaign. Family branding facilitates new product introductions by evoking a familiar brand name, which can lead to trial purchase, product acceptance, or other advantages.
              Family branding imposes on the brand owner a greater burden to maintain consistent quality. If the quality of one product in the brand family is compromised, it could impact on the reputation of all the others. For this reason family branding is generally limited to product lines that consist of products of similar quality.

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