Amazon kindle case study (entrepreuneurship)

Amazon kindle case study (entrepreuneurship)

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In November 2007, Amazon, which is an e-commerce company, launched a new product: The Kindle. The Kindle is an e-book tablet. It was the first e-book having a wireless connection. This connection eliminates the need to connect the EBook to a computer in order to retrieve e-books. That is the case of the Sony Readers. This also allows downloading daily or weekly newspapers. The Case study talks about every players in this industry: The Penguin Group which is the leading educational publisher, Barnes & Noble which is the largest US book retailer, Apple and Sony which offer competing devices (IPod, ITouch, Sony Reader), Google which offers free e-content and Adobe which compete with Amazon by creating another e-book format (EPUB). We become aware of how they will be affected by the unexpected Kindle and how they may react.
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I/ Résumé du case study de HBS II/ Résumé de la vidéo de Stanford sur Amazon III/ Parallèle de la vidéo avec Yahoo! IV/ Parallèle du case study de Amazon avec celui de Yahoo! V/ Conclusion

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Posté le 24 oct. 2012

Cette étude de cas est vraiment très intéressante, on a pas l'habitude de voir des docs en anglais par ici et c'est pas si mal !!!

In English :

This study case is amazing for real, we're not really used to see English courses down here. But that's pretty much a good idea !

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