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Born in 1943, Ikea is changing, develops and turns gradually. Feeling strong enough, the firm decided to brave the cold to his homeland to travel the world. Dressed in yellow and blue, its power of seduction and its attractive proposal has quickly attracted customers beyond Swedish borders. Now present in 25 countries with 280 stores, Ikea has conquered the world of furniture. Let's have an overview on the implantation of the Swedish giant in France. Already 30 years for Ikea in France? Only 30 years? Everything depends on the point of views. Furthermore, Ikea has taken advantage of the past three decades to win the furniture market in France. With 52 million visitors per year in the French 29 stores since 1981, the Swedish giant has become a clear leader in this country.
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INTRODUCTION 3 I. GENERAL PROFIL OF IKEA 4 A. Brief history of Ikea 4 B. The world's largest furniture retailer 4 C. Reasons for expansion into a known specific market 5 II. INTERNATIONAL MARKETING ENVIRONMENT 7 A. The international marketing strategy 7 B. Environmental analysis framework 7 III. MARKETING MIX 11 A. The vision of IKEA 11 B. Price 11 C. Product 12 D. Promotion 13 E. Place 13 CONCLUSION 14 REFERENCES 15
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Posté le 28 avr. 2015

Merci pour le partage !!

Posté le 30 avr. 2013

Très bonne étude de cas qui traite de l'entreprise IKEA. J'ai été surpris par la qualité des arguments avancés et de la véracité de l'information. Mais où sont-ils allés chercher de telles informations ? :) Merci pour le partage

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