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Before throwing (launching) to us in our project which is entitled the marketing mix. It is essential to emphasize on the truths definition of the marketing
Here are some quotations of the world\'s foremost expert on the strategic practice of marketing


«The marketing is the social mechanism by which individuals and groups satisfy their needs and desires by means of the creation and of the exchange of products and the other consequentive entities for others \". (Philip Kotler, on 1984.)

«The marketing is all the activities, within the company, which allow to assure(insure) the stream of the goods(properties) and the services of the producer the consumer or the user \". (American Marketing Association.)

The marketing takes not only charge of the company and of its way with satisfying the waits (expectations) of the consumers. This vision would be too reducing. We define him (it) more generally so:

\" The marketing is a set of strategic, organized and checked activities, tending to satisfy the needs of individuals, groups, or institutions by putting at their disposal produced and services, and by allowing the company to reach(affect) its appropriate(clean) objectives by assuring(insuring) the satisfaction of the consumers \".

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Plan :

The plan :

* Introduction

I.Definition of the marketing mix

II.Differentes left of the marketing mix:
. Price
. Place
. Product
. Promotion
III.Impact of the marketing mix in the company.
VI. Recent development :
. People
. Physical evidence

* Conclusion

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4 commentaires

Posté le 12 janv. 2016


Posté le 9 janv. 2016

Un bon complément avec l'anglais commercial, merci.

Posté le 5 mai 2015

Très bon document, qui est d'une grande utilité pour les professionnels en devenir de la communication.

Posté le 19 juil. 2012

ce document est bien fait. je le recommande pour tous les professionnels. a sa lecture, vous même vous vous rendrez compte que vous êtes en face d'un matériel didactique de premier choix. il servira l'enseignant aussi bien que les étudiants. je vais le proposer à tous mes élèves et je suis sûr qu'ils vont l'apprécier. merci à son auteur et surtout merci d'avoir accepter le mettre à la disposition de tout un chacun

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