TOEIC Partie 7 Correction : Reading Comprehension

TOEIC Practice Correction : Reading Comprehension (Part 7)

Une fois que vous aurez réalisé la partie 7 du TOEIC (Reading Comprehension) que nous avons mis à votre disposition, vous pourrez consulter les différentes réponses qui vous permettront d'avoir une idée de votre note.

Vous pourrez ainsi comprendre et analyser vos erreurs pour les corriger avant votre examen.

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Questions 153 to 157 refer to the following minutes.

Strategic Committee Minutes

Date: June 15
Attendees: Rob Smith (CEO), Ann Walker (COO), Gary Thompson (CFO), Sally Brown (CIO), Jack Peterson (HR)
Apologies: None

Summary of meeting
Ann Walker reminded participants of the importance of having an up-to-date BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and presented the items in our current plan which urgently needs to be reviewed and update:

Identify key personnel and backups – contact information for these critical positions should be centralized and readily available.
Identify critical external partners – in our situation this would include critical vendors, consultants and lawyers. Contact information should again be centralized and quickly available. This list should also comprise key public authorities.
Contingency locations – alternative locations, telecommuting and provision of all critical equipment needs to be re-addressed.
Create repository of critical documents and define access policy.

Ann Walker then stressed the need to communicate BCP policy to all staff and to organize training sessions for all those included in the plan.

Following a lengthy discussion, it was agreed that immediate action would be undertaken and that full readiness by August 1st would be targeted. All actions were placed under the responsibility of the COO.

A follow-up meeting will be held shortly before the target deadline.

153. What is the main idea of the minutes?

a) To present the strategy of the company
b) To create a BCP
c) To analyze potential threats
d) To update the existing BCP

154. What is the target population of the article?

a) Members of the Strategic Committee and all managers
b) Company staff
c) Members of the Strategic Committee only
d) Media organizations

155. Who will follow the training programs? a) All employees
b) Staff in the BCP
c) All managers
d) Board members only

156. Who is in charge of implementation?

a) Ann Walker
b) Internal Audit Manager
c) Security Officer
d) Rob Smith

157. What is the deadline for implementation?

a) June 15th
b) To be defined
c) There is no deadline
d) August 1st at the latest
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