TOEIC Partie 5 Exercice : Incomplete Sentences 13.00 / 20

TOEIC Reading Exercises: Incomplete Sentences (Part 5)

Cet exemple gratuit est consacré à la partie 5 du TOEIC « Incomplete Sentence ». Il s'agit de la première partie de la section écrite de ce TOEIC Listening and Reading. Dans cet exercice, des phrases à trous vous sont proposées et il faut choisir la réponse parmi 4 réponses.

L'objectif de cet exercice est de vous familiariser et de vous entrainer en réalisant ce test. Essayez de vous mettre en conditions réelles en respectant le temps imposé pour cette épreuve. Il est important de prendre le temps pour répondre aux questions mais il ne faut pas perdre non plus trop de temps car les questions sont nombreuses. En effet, cette partie 5 du TOEIC comprendre 40 questions.

Une fois que vous aurez réalisé cet entrainement, nous vous proposons de télécharger le corrigé de cette partie 5 qui vous permettra d'analyser vos erreurs afin de perfectionner au mieux votre anglais.

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101. Susan Davidson hopes to be ______ to the position of Human Resources Manager.

a) appointment
b) appointed
c) selected
d) appoint

102. Headcount has increased by 2.5% ______ the recently published press release.

a) according to
b) depending on
c) in compliance with
d) in accordance on

103. Mr. Smith will be late for the meeting _______ his plane was delayed.

a) because of
b) as a consequence
c) so
d) because

104. If the meeting _______ late, I wouldn't have missed my plane.

a) had started
b) wouldn't start
c) hadn't started
d) will not begin

105. We look forward _______ at the trade fair next week.

a) meet you
b) to seeing
c) to have a meeting
d) to seeing you

106. If the electronic circuit is defective, it will be replaced _______ 48 hours
a) within
b) by
c) for
d) in a maximum of

107. Instead of having the prototype shipped by courier, Ms. Henry delivered it _______.

a) himself
b) her
c) him
d) herself

108. There is _______ paper left to print the documents. We need to re-order some.

a) a lot of
b) enough
c) not enough
d) many

109. If we don't launch the new product on time, it will be difficult to _______ our sales targets.

a) meet
b) gain
c) meeting
d) reached

110. As Mr. Cheung is unavailable today, it has been decided to _______ the meeting.

a) postponed
b) put off
c) report
d) schedule

111. The new tablet computer is clearly _______ than the competing products on the market.

a) the faster
b) very powerful
c) the fastest
d) much more powerful

112. There were _______ orders than expected for the re-designed version of the product.

a) fewer
b) less
c) few
d) little

113. We _______ with this supplier for over 15 years now.

a) will work
b) have been working
c) worked
d) work

114. Janet Higley was promoted and will now _______ customer relations.
a) take care on
b) be responsible of
c) look for
d) look after

115. We _______ terminate the contract last month due to recurrent late deliveries .

a) must
b) needed
c) had to
d) obliged to

116. If sales continue to increase, we _______ recruit additional staff.

a) would
b) will have to
c) need
d) will must

117. Please _______ whatever action you feel is appropriate.

a) make
b) take
c) do
d) will perform

118. The prospect seemed very _______ by our proposal.

a) interests
b) interesting
c) interest
d) interested

119. Mr. Samuels suggested we _______ the production line by introducing new technology.

a) revamp
b) will revamp
c) would revamp
d) revamped

120. The meeting room _______ this week so please use Mrs. Brown's office on the second floor.

a) is being repainted
b) is repainted
c) repaints
d) will repaint

121. Thank you for your _______. It was very useful.

a) advise
b) advisory
c) advice
d) advices

122. The market leader was _______ by a large foreign competitor.

a) put up
b) called off
c) filled in
d) taken over

123. _______ I recommended an increase in the sales price, the CEO decided to lower it.
a) Nevertheless
b) Although
c) However
d) As a result

124. The lawyer will send us the contract as soon as she _______ writing it.

a) can
b) is
c) will finish
d) finishes

125. Telephone booths have been gradually _______ due to the significant increase in cell phones.

a) phased out
b) set up
c) broken down
d) backed up

126. _______ new employees are expected to attend an orientation program.

a) Every
b) All
c) Each
d) Mostly

127. Helen has called the Production manager several times but has not been able to _______ him.

a) talk
b) reach to
c) join
d) get through to

128. John got stuck in a huge traffic jam on his way to the airport, but _______ catch his plane by taking a side road.

a) managed to
b) has been able to
c) could
d) succeeded to

129. Elizabeth is replacing Dr. Walker who broke _______ leg while skiing.

a) her
b) the
c) its
d) hers

130. Tolbert, Inc. _______ increased its prices so much as sales have dropped by 15%.

a) should
b) was obliged to
c) needed to
d) should not have

131. Peter is not at his desk. It's lunch time so he _______ .
a) maybe eats
b) can eat
c) must be eating
d) went eating

132. The factory was able to complete its production schedule _______ the repeated technical failures.

a) despite
b) in spite
c) although
d) even if

133. The Board is concerned about high labor costs and _______ decide to outsource production to China.

a) may be
b) should have to
c) might
d) needs

134. The Sales Director will present the sales _______ to the CFO this afternoon.

a) forecast
b) prediction
c) prevision
d) estimate

135. It was _______ successful operation that we are going to repeat it in June.

a) extremely
b) a very
c) so
d) such a

136. Did you say that Sam was busy? That's alright, _______ tomorrow morning.

a) I going to call back
b) I'll call back
c) I'm calling back
d) I call back

137. Jessica had transportation problems and when she finally arrived the meeting _______ already started.

a) may
b) had been
c) should have
d) had

138. The cost of the raw materials keeps increasing, so we have decided to _______ prices.

a) raise
b) rise
c) jump
d) lift

139. The flood in the south of the country _______ great damage to the road infrastructure.
a) resulted from
b) as a result of
c) resulted in
d) was caused by

140. The new hybrid car is very _______ and does not use a lot of gas.

a) economical
b) production
c) saving
d) economic
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