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TOEIC Partie 6 Practice : Text Completion

TOEIC Partie 6 Practice : Text Completion

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Publié le 11 juin 2013 - Donne ton avis

Pour vous entrainer au TOEIC, découvrez cet exercice> gratuit traitant de la partie 6 (Text Completion)>. L'objectif est de vous familiariser avec ce test et vous permettre d'arriver avec toutes les cartes en main le jour où vous passerez réellement le TOEIC. La partie Text Completion du TOEIC contient 12 questions à choix multiples. L'objectif étant de compléter des textes à trous.

L'objectif avec ce TOEIC blanc est de vous mettre dans des conditions d'examens pour analyser le score que vous auriez obtenu. Vous pourrez ensuite télécharger la correction pour vérifier vos erreurs et corriger les points sur lesquels vous devez encore travailler.

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Questions 141 to 144 refer to the following email.

From : David Petersen
To : Tom Miller
Subject : Audit Report

Dear Tom,

Just a quick message about the recently conducted audit of our European office. As you know, it was felt that a _______ audit was necessary due to recent changes in financial regulations and the acquisition of two local competitors.


a) thoroughly
b) through
c) completely
d) thorough

_______ the financial records, we decided to audit all departments


a) Furthermore
b) In addition to
c) Also,
d) In addition

regarding _______ corporate processes in the areas of marketing, legal and procurement.


a) agreement to
b) compliance on
c) accordance to
d) compliance to

I am pleased to report that only minor issues have been raised during the audit. Theses issues should be relatively easy to _______.


a) raise
b) address
c) deal
d) look up

Would you be free to meet in the coming days so that we can discuss this situation?

Kind regards,

Questions 145 to 148 refer to the following announcement.


The Annual Company Barbecue _______ on Saturday June 22nd in South Highland park as from 12:00.


a) will hold
b) takes place
c) will be held
d) happens

All company employees are invited to _______ this event and to come with their family members.


a) attend
b) participate to
c) attend to
d) go

All food, refreshments and fun activities will be _______ by the company. Just bring yourselves and enjoy


a) supply
b) implemented
c) provided
d) submitted

our world famous burgers, chicken, corn on the cob and salads … and also our wide array of mouth-watering desserts !

If you can come, please sign up _______ Wednesday June 19th at the latest so that we can order appropriate quantities of food.


a) within
b) by
c) no later
d) at latest


Questions 149 to 152 refer to the following memo.

Recruitment Strategy Meeting

Given our _______ growth and need for recruiting top IT professionals, we have decided that it would be


a) large
b) hard
c) strong
d) tough

beneficial to organize a Recruitment Strategy meeting for all managers who recruit new staff. The meeting will provide a forum for participants to exchange their views about various issues _______


a) as example
b) similar to
c) i.e.
d) such as

applicant profiles, job descriptions, _______ for students and professionals,


a) trade fairs
b) job fairs
c) trade shows
d) job meeting

and _______ packages.


a) cash
b) award
c) advantages
d) compensation

We would like to organize this meeting before the end of the month, so could you please send me your available dates as quickly as possible?

Cathy Jones
Director of Human Resources

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mamadou sarr
mamadou sarr
Posté le 13 nov. 2015


mamadou sarr
mamadou sarr
Posté le 13 nov. 2015


Posté le 28 janv. 2015


Posté le 28 janv. 2015


Posté le 15 janv. 2015

document interessant

Posté le 13 janv. 2015

Au début je craignais le toeic mais plus maintenant

Posté le 12 juin 2013

Waw un peu plus corsée celle-là... J'espère que je réussirai mon TOEIC, je pense avoir un bon niveau d'anglais mais bon

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