TOEIC Part 3 : Shorts Conversations 15.00 / 20

TOEIC Part 3 : Shorts Conversations

Dans ce document, vous trouverez la troisième partie du TOEIC (Conversation). Dans cet exercice comptant pour la partie compréhension orale du TOIEC Listening and Reading, votre objectif sera de répondre à des questions en fonction des conversations que vous entendrez.

Dans cette partie III, vous retrouverez 10 conversations et vous devrez répondre à 30 questions. Pour chaque conversation, une série de 3 questions vous sera alors proposée. Il faut être très attentif au son car le jour de l'examen, vous ne pourrez pas écouter plusieurs fois le dialogue. Cet exercice pratique que nous vous proposons vous permettra donc de vous entrainer avec de passer le TOEIC.

Cet entrainement à la partie III (Shorts Conversations) du TOEIC est mis à votre disposition gratuitement.

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Conversation 1
Questions 41 to 43 refer to conversation 1

41. Where is the conversation probably taking place?

a) In a hospital
b) In an office
c) In a school
d) In a restaurant

42. Why is the woman under pressure?

a) She has an important meeting in a few minutes
b) She needs to finish a presentation
c) She has an appointment with the CEO
d) She worked late last night and is tired

43. Does the woman accept the man’s offer to help?

a) She asks him to make some photocopies
b) She asks him to prepare the graphs
c) She may ask him to scan the presentation
d) She may ask him for help with some figures

Conversation 2
Questions 44 to 46 refer to conversation 2.

44. What does the woman want to do?

a) Buy an airplane ticket
b) Organize a holiday tour
c) Negotiate a lower price
d) Arrange a meeting

45. What is the man’s job?

a) Manager
b) Accountant
c) Travel agent
d) Consultant

46. Where is the woman going?

a) Seoul
b) Tokyo
c) St. Louis
d) London

Conversation 3
Questions 47 to 49 refer to conversation 3.

47. Why is Ann going to be transferred to London?

a) To increase innovation
b) To be the European Director
c) To cut costs
d) To re-organize the Paris office

48. Why was Ann chosen for this position?

a) She speaks several languages
b) She is a former sales executive
c) She is European
d) She has proven results and a foreign experience.

49. Why is Ann going to be busy?

a) Future sales targets are very ambitious
b) She will be travelling a lot
c) European operations will be transferred to Paris
d) A new subsidiary will be opened next year

Conversation 4
Questions 50 to 52 refer to conversation 4.

50. What are the speakers talking about?

a) A meeting tomorrow
b) Yesterday’s meeting
c) A medical treatment
d) The slides for the meeting

51. What’s the problem?

a) The director is busy
b) A colleague is sick
c) The slides aren’t ready
d) There’s an airline strike

52. What does the woman suggest?

a) To change the venue of the meeting
b) To hold the meeting anyway
c) To re-schedule the meeting
d) To have a conf call instead

Conversation 5
Questions 53 to 55 refer to conversation 5.

53. What are the speakers discussing?

a) A meeting
b) A negotiation
c) A conf call
d) A monthly report

54. What problem is the woman having?

a) Her spreadsheet isn’t working
b) She didn’t receive the information
c) The figures were wrong
d) She lost some data due to a computer crash

55. When is the deadline?

a) Next week
b) Thursday at 2pm
c) Tomorrow
d) They already missed the deadline

Conversation 6
Questions 56 to 58 refer to conversation 6.

56. What are the speakers talking about?

a) An important meeting tomorrow
b) A strategy meeting yesterday
c) A meeting being held today
d) The strategy for the Technology Division

57. What problem is John having?

a) The airport has been closed
b) He can’t find a taxi
c) His flight was delayed
d) His plane is stuck in LA.

58. What does the woman decide to do?

a) To wait for John
b) To postpone the meeting
c) To continue without John
d) To fire John

Conversation 7
Questions 59 to 61 refer to conversation 7.

59. Who is Sally?

a) The woman’s manager
b) The man’s wife
c) The man’s manager
d) The woman’s colleague

60. What happened to Sally?

a) She got a promotion
b) She is now the Accounting Manager
c) She moved to Miami
d) She was transferred

61. What does the woman suggest?

a) To organize a meeting
b) To book an appointment
c) To catch a plane
d) To have dinner

Conversation 8
Questions 62 to 64 refer to conversation 8.

62. Where is this conversation probably taking place?

a) At the airport
b) In an office
c) At a conference
d) In a park

63. What does the man think about the talks?

a) They are too detailed
b) They will be very useful
c) They are boring
d) They are a little short

64. What does the woman want?

a) More sessions about her specialty
b) Better workshops
c) More social activities in the evening
d) Longer presentations

Conversation 9
Questions 65 to 67 refer to conversation 9.

65. What are the speakers discussing?

a) The delivery time
b) The cost of the order
c) Whether the food will be hot or cold
d) Changes to the order for the party

66. When is the party?

a) Wednesday afternoon at 3pm
b) Tomorrow
c) Next week
d) Wednesday evening

67. Does Mr. Petersen ask for any changes?

a) Yes, champagne for everyone and more people to be catered for
b) No, there is no change in the order
c) Yes, more soft drinks are needed
d) Fewer people are coming so the order needs to be reduced

Conversation 10
Questions 68 to 70 refer to conversation 10.

68. Why is the man calling?

a) To speak about production problems
b) To postpone a meeting
c) To arrange a meeting in New York
d) To organize a lunch

69. Where is the man going soon?

a) To New York and Philadelphia
b) To a meeting with customers
c) To a factory
d) On holiday

70. When will the man and woman meet?

a) On the 3rd
b) On the 22nd
c) Next week
d) On the 20th
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