TOEIC Part 4 : Short Talks 7.00 / 20

TOEIC Part 4 : Short Talks

Dans cette dernière et quatrième partie de la compréhension orale du TOEIC Listening and Reading, vous devrez écouter de courts textes (talks) et répondre ensuite à trois questions sur l’enregistrement.

Le jour de l’examen, il faudra être extrêmement attentif et à l’écoute car vous ne pourrez pas entendre l’enregistrement plus d’une fois pour répondre aux différentes questions de la partie 4. Dans cet exercice, vous écouterez 10 talks et devrez répondre à 30 questions au total.

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Talk 1
Questions 71 to 73 refer to the following talk.

71. What is the intended audience of this talk?

a) Doctrs
b) Potential health insurance customers
c) Medical researchers
d) Hospital staff

72. What is the purpose of the talk?

a) To speak about the high cost of medical care in the United States
b) To compare the different monthly costs
c) To sell the Premium Plan
d) To explain the three plans

73. What does the speaker suggest the listeners do?

a) Visit the company’s web site
b) Send an email asking for further information
c) Ask for a brochure
d) Send a text message

Talk 2
Questions 74 to 76 refer to the following message.

74. What is the purpose of the message? a) To confirm the location of an appointment
b) To get further details about an IT conference
c) To re-schedule a meeting
d) To discuss the agenda of a meeting

75. What is the speaker’s problem? a) An IT network crashed
b) The location is not convenient
c) The speaker is ill
d) A last minute urgent problem

76. What will the listener probably do after listening to the message? a) Find a new location
b) Change suppliers
c) Call or send an email
d) Reconfigure the network

Talk 3
Questions 77 to 79 refer to the following news report.

77. What is the purpose of this news report?

a) To give listeners round the clock news
b) To provide an hourly update
c) To focus on global news
d) To entertain listeners

78. What did the speaker say about the stock market?

a) There is no change compared to yesterday
b) It is up
c) It is down
d) It is closed due to a national holiday

79. What will follow the news report?

a) Local business news
b) Weather and traffic
c) Sports
d) An advertisement

Talk 4
Questions 80 to 82 refer to the following report.

80. What is the subject of this talk?

a) Sports roundup
b) Science documentary
c) Weather forecastv d) Business news

81. How is this report probably being broadcast?

a) On TV
b) On radio
c) On a smartphone
d) On a screen in a movie theater

82. What is going to happen during the weekend?

a) It will snow
b) It will be overcast
c) The sky will be less cloudy
d) It will freeze

Talk 5
Questions 83 to 85 refer to the following talk.

83. Who is probably speaking?

a) A business journalist
b) A financial advisor
c) A teacher
d) An economist

84. What does the speaker say about the stock market?

a) It usually increases 19% per year
b) It is a good investment over time
c) Bank accounts currently have a 3 to 4 percent interest rate
d) Taxes on stock gains are high

85. What advice does the speaker provide to potential investors?

a) Invest in high tech stocks
b) Never invest in bonds
c) Buy only stock
d) Diversify your investments

Talk 6
Questions 86 to 88 refer to the following announcement.

86. Where is the announcement being made?

a) On a plane
b) On an airport shuttle
c) On a train
d) In a taxi

87. What is the weather forecast?

a) Rainy
b) Sunny with few clouds
c) Stormy
d) Ovecast

88. Who is making the announcement?

a) A passenger
b) A flight attendant
c) A pilot
d) Air traffic control

Talk 7
Questions 89 to 91 refer to the following talk.

89. Where does the speaker work?

a) In a delicatessen
b) In a supermarket
c) In a restaurant
d) On a ranch

90. How many specials are there this evening?

a) One
b) None
c) Three
d) Two

91. What does the speaker offer to do?

a) To bring crayons and paper for the children
b) To put a candle on the table
c) To bring a salad
d) To put on some soft music

Talk 8
Questions 92 to 94 refer to the following talk.

92. Who is the speaker probably speaking to?

a) Students
b) TV audience
c) Employees in his company
d) Economists

93. How were sales in the second quarter?

a) Increased
b) Remained flat
c) Dropped
d) Skyrocketed

94. What is the forecast for the next quarter? a) Sharp decrease
b) Strong growth
c) No change
d) Product line has been eliminated

Talk 9
Questions 95 to 97 refer to the following announcement.

95. What is the purpose of the announcement?

a) To make reservations
b) To present the program
c) To leave messages for the customer service
d) To provide general information about the event

96. How can tickets be bought?

a) Online, by telephone or at a festival ticket booth
b) By mail
c) Online only
d) At approved ticket outlets only

97. What is the event’s web site address?


Talk 10
Questions 98 to 100 refer to the following talk.

98. Who is the speaker addressing?

a) The HR Department
b) New employees
c) Students
d) Journalists

99. Which item will be presented first?

a) A video about the firm
b) Information about pay and benefits
c) An overall presentation of the company
d) A tour of the site

100. What will happen tomorrow for the participants?

a) They will be on holiday
b) The induction program will be in its second day
c) The technical training programs will begin
d) They will work in their normal jobs
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