Guide utile en anglais

Guide utile en anglais

Publié le 2 mars 2009 - Donne ton avis

Guide en Anglais, niveau Bac+1, pour obtenir l'eau, le gaz, l'éléctricité ...

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Guarantee you :
· of a customized contract
· of a simple pricing based on a monthly subscription and on a price of the consummate kWh
· of 2 valuable options:
- option Bases: the same price at any time
- options Peak hours / Slack periods: advantageous prices at the certain moments of the day
· of a total freedom, (...)

Since 1st July, 2007 you are free to chose your electricity or gas provider
EDF prices are fixed by the state (until 2010) but they will be bringing out a new set of free price list - private prices. Consumers will remain with the EDF by default, unless (...)

Plan :

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Phone 
  • Water 
  • Internet

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Posté le 21 févr. 2015


Posté le 21 févr. 2015


Posté le 21 févr. 2015

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