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Jennifer Jones ... Emma Bovary James Mason ... Gustave Flaubert Van Heflin ... Charles Bovary Louis Jourdan ... Rodolphe Boulanger Alf Kjellin ... Leon Dupuis (as Christopher Kent) Gene Lockhart ... J. Homais Frank Allenby ... Lheureux Gladys Cooper ... Madame Dupuis John Abbott ... Mayor Tuvache Harry Morgan ... Hyppolite (as Henry Morgan) George Zucco ... Dubocage
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Many readers have found Gustave Flaubert's classic novel 'Madame Bovary' somewhat cold and dispassionate, but few will have that complaint after watching this film. Jennifer Jones' flesh-and-blood embodiment of Emma Bovary has passion and emotion to burn, yet it still manages to remain in the spirit of Flaubert's work. Vincente Minneli's direction is brilliant and at times stunning. Witness the waltz sequence. Besides being so aesthetically wonderful, just think what a technical marvel this scene must have been in 1949! I can recommend this version of 'Madame Bovary' without reservation. Jones' center-stage presence dominates, of course, but the performance of Van Heflin as another memorable character, the pitiable, cuckolded Charles Bovary, should not be overlooked. Plus this movie shows us that Ellen Corby wasn't always old! Check her out as the Bovary's servant, Felicite.
14 téléchargements

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