Dubai: L'anticipation de la fin du pétrôle

Rapport d'économie en anglais, niveau Bac+1, sur Dubai: L'anticipation de la fin du pétrôle

"UAE Economical report

This report is more focused on Dubai growth and history other the years and how does it arrived to be transformed in order to face with the end of oil resources. I tried to explain, in this analysis, how does it invest in some massive projects to make Dubai a new world city, centre of tourism, trade, finance and investment, but also all the backside of this paradise, becoming a nightmare for workers coming from India or Pakistan.

Hoping you will enjoy"


Dubai is one of the seven emirates, which compose the United Arab Emirate (UAE), themselves located between Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman. Among those seven Emirates, Dubai is certainly the most popular.
At the present time, Dubai is taking a growing place into globalization. It's projects for developing tourism and luxury services, make the headlines of many newspapers throughout the world. The government realizes a controlled economic restructuring strategy to lessen the impact of the end of oil resources in about five or ten years.
Indeed they need do produce new incomes for developing prosperous environment. That's why we can see flourishing[...]


  • Introduction
  • Table of contents
  • Dubai economy until 2000
  • Emirate Government: or how to create new wealth in luxury services
  • Seeing Dubaï on the financial area
  • Conclusion
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