Piece de theatre " a man of lletters" résumée en anglais

I noticed irony in a couple of passages : First, I have appreciated when Franck is asking Alan what’s bigger important than tea, and Alan answers « Lunch ». It’s kind of funny, because Franck is very serious, but not Alan. This moment shows the difference between the two characters: Alan is rather in a casual mind (as shown by his way of dress) while Franck is very strict. There’s also others moments of irony in the spectacle I have appreciated: The moment where Alan and Franck are fighting about the Twix: Franck have asked Alan to bring him a « biscuit », that’s to say a Twix for him. Alan, on the contrary, thank that Twix were a sweet, so he decided to bring some digestives to Franck, but no Twix. So, Alan and Franck are speaking about the sense of the word « biscuit » for few minutes, that’s pretty funny.
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I) Résumé rapide de la pièce avec synonpsis (sum up ) II) Ce que j'ai apprécié/ou pas et quelques passages ironiques notés dans la pièces III) Point of sadness
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