Création et impact de l'ecolabel sur la déforestation tropicale

According to a study published on October 21 in the review Science, the deforestation of Brazilian Amazonia would be higher 50% than the commonly advanced data.
Even if last year deforestation were less important than the record 1994-1995 (29 050 km²), the levels of deforestations of these three last years so uniformly were never raised, exceeding all the 20 000 km². (...)

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Plan :

The problem of deforestation

  • Causes of deforestation
  • Consequences
  • Stakes
  • What is the solution?

The ecolabels

  • General labels
  • The private labels

The FSC Ecolabel

  • Definition
  • The ten principles of the FSC

Impacts of ecolabel

Limits of ecolabel

  • The price of the certificate
  • The lack of information and difficulties in interpreting the forests management standards
  • The problem of integrity of the organization and the problem of divert certification
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