La machine peut elle battre l'homme en anglais

INTRODUCTION : Our subject is : CAN THE MAN BEAT THE MACHINE ? For the beginning we now that the man is the inventor of the machine.So we think the machine can’t beat the man,it can’t be more intelligent than the human because he invented it!!!! But it’s not as easy and that’s why we chose this subject .we think that in many fields the machine is stronger so in other fields the man is more intelligent. In this (TPE) we go to see that with crab louses game. Citations to begin: The man has the possibility not only to think, but to know that he thinks! It is what will always distinct from the lastest micro-processors robots!!!!!!!!!.(autor:jean delumeau) The danger in past was that the people become slaves. The danger in the future is that they become robots!!.(autor:eric fromm) The progress too much robots to be really!!.(autor:Jacques pervert) The human being will always believe that the more the robot seems human, the more he is advanced, complex and intelligent!!.(autor: Isaac Asimov) A robot is not completely a machine. A robot is a machine make to imitate the human being(autor :Isaac Asimov) Who is the best? OR ?
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1/la machine sans l'intelligence artificiel 2/la machine avec l'intelligence artificiel 3/conclusion
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Posté le 28 mars 2017


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