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Text A

  • Dear Nicole and Jean,
  • Another year has flown by and once again it is time to get in contact with our friends and send them best wishes and happy thoughts. We do hope your year has been less hectic than the previous one although to be busy, I find, is more preferable than not having enough to do. (personal letter)

Text B

  • The parish priest was in his library lolling in a chair by the window with his coat off. It was a dreadfully hot day and he had had a tough morning visiting the sick in an outlying part of the parish. He was counting on half an hour' s rest before dinner, when suddenly a timid and prolonged knock came to the door.(Charity by Liam O'Flaherty)

Text C

  • Incredible as it may seem - and no doubt disconcerting to some - animal's blood transformed by biotechnology could soon be coursing through human veins.(Financial Times)
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