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  • Identifier le type de document d'après le contenu des extraits;
  • Déduire, d'après une conclusion, le sujet traité;
  • Justifier ses choix par référence au document.


Text A

  • I can't approve of this conception of journalism. The role of the Press is to inform as impartially as possible. Or else there is no difference between advertising a product and dealing with the news. This conception is all the more dangerous as the press has huge power over people's opinions.

Text B

  • At first I could not understand. I read the message again. I shook with surprise and shock. Then I could not remain silent any longer. I turned to the bald mexican. "You fool", I shouted, "you've killed the wrong man !"

Text C

  • "So we're in no hurry to start a family, although I am sure we will in the future."And the couple who live in Grenoble, France, are sure they will prove the doubters wrong, and show that their marriage can survive all the ups and downs. Fabien said : "In my eyes, small is beautiful".
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