La société britannique - Approndissement socio-culturel 17.00 / 20

Cours d'approndissement socio-culturel, niveau Bac+3 licence LEA, sur la société britannique.


British Isles were attached to the continent during prehistory. In 10.000BC, people
started settling after the age of ice. In the 7th and 6th centuries BC, the link with the continent
completely disappeared. However, communication between the island and the continent
continued by primitive boats. People were known as Mesolithic people (they were huntergathered).
But things changed with the Neolithic Revolution. That was an interior continent
revolution which lasted 6.000 years. It started in the Middle East (around 8.000BC). Then the
movement moved across Europe around 4.000BC. This revolution brought agricultural
advances. It let to the establishment of permanent communities. These communities started to
produce agricultures and that was the origin of trade. It is during that period that trade
between the island and continent increased significantly with precious metals (copper =
cuivre, gold and tin = étain). The [...]


  • The historical background
  • The Original Links
  • The Schisms
  • General Conclusion
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