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Over the past century, the world has known three major food price crises, the first during the Second World War, the third took place during the seventies and the last but not the least, underway nowadays. From the beginning of 2007 to early 2008, the prices of basic international food commodities increased dramatically on international markets. Experts predict world food markets will be locked into an inflationary spiral for at least four years, but some say that the crisis could continue for a decade or more. Most Europeans and Americans take food for granted. Even the poorest fifth of households in the United States, for example, spend only 16% of their budget on food. In many other countries, it is less of a given. Nigerian families spend 73% of their budgets to eat, Vietnamese 65%, Indonesians the half. Between the start of 2006 and 2008, the average world price for rice rose by 217% (Asian\'s principal food staple), wheat by 136%, maize by 125% (Africa\'s principal food staple) and soybeans by 107%.In late April 2008, rice prices hit 24 cents a pound, twice the price that it was seven months earlier. Rich countries need to take the food problems as seriously as they take the credit crunch. In the first part we will define the World Food Crisis then we will see the international’s actions to put it end or helped famine victims.

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I. The World Food Crisis
1) Causes of this crisis
2) Impact
3) Human impact

II. International actions against World Food Crisis

1) Actions to resolve hunger
a. Governments
b. A principal organization: World Food Programme:

2) Haiti

3) Actions to help Haiti
a. WFP activities:
b. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations activities:
c. Action against hunger activities:

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Posté le 11 nov. 2015

il est bien pour enrichir son vocabulaire.

Posté le 2 mai 2015

very good work

Posté le 2 mai 2015

thanks for share

Posté le 24 mars 2012

thème très intéressant, le groupe qui l'a traité a essayé d'aborder le thème dans tout ses angles. mais le plan manque un peu d’ajusteuse. le thème mérite un peu plus de développement. mais dans l'ensemble c'est bien

Posté le 2 oct. 2010

Moyen ;)

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