Heroes argumentation

First of all, a hero is a person who is admired for his courage, outstanding achievements, or nobles qualities. It can be the main charecter in a book or a film or a person with superhuman qualities. It can also be a modern-day hero, a person who has performed a heroic act or simply our own personal hero, our role model, who we look up to.
« We can be heroes just for one day ». This quote come from a song named Heroes of a famous singer : David Bowie.
This quote can be interpreted like an invitation to fight against violence, injustice. However, it would be necessary to fight with ordinary ways and not with superhero powers. This kind of person could be someone who fight against wrong things, someone of famous or an unknown hero. For example, Abraham Lincoln is a famous hero for his actions. Indeed, he led the United States through its greatest constitutional, military and moral crises : the American Civil War, and preserving the Union, abolishing slavery, strenghtening the national government and modernizing the economy. There are also unknows heroes like war heroes, firemen, rescue workers, charity workers. All these people by their daily acts, can be considered as heroes. Maya Angelou said « I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people » Therefore, be an hero is just be oneself and without thinking, act for the interest of others before his own. Moreover, a hero has also weeknesses because he is initially an ordinary person.

Then, a hero often brings dreams to people. Dreaming is necessary and brings happiness. For example, a sportsman like Usain Bolt can create a vocation among young people, make them want become like him. So for that, they will acquire the means to become like their hero. And they will probably become better.
Finally, a hero can be our own personal hero, he can be a member of the family who you look up to.
Have a hero is a way to progress and achieve an ideal.

The issue can be the following question : how can an ordinary person make the world a better place?

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What is an hero ?
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Posté le 20 juin 2018

C'est un trés bon sujet , cela vas m'aider pour mon expo , encore merci!!!

Posté le 1 nov. 2017

Super! Les idées sont claires et bien exposées. C'est vrai on peut tous avoir nos héros à nous, nos modèles, et ils nous font avancer.

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