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PRESENTATION (Marie) Charlie Chaplin was an English man, and an international famous comic actor and film director. His real name was Charles Spencer Chaplin Junior and was born in 1889 in London. He died on Christmas Day in 1977. He grew in a modest family, and has a difficult and sad childhood with his brothers, what will inspire him in his film during all his career. He did his first appearance on the stage at the age of 5. During his teenage years, Charlie Chaplin chained contracts, and theater troups but his career in cinema really began when he obtained his contract with Keystone studio. Charlie became at his turn a director.
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Presentation I Chaplin as an artist II Personality and qualities III Why a role model Conclusion libre
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2 commentaires

Posté le 5 janv. 2016

Ton exposé sur Chaplin est plutôt intéressant ! Bravo.

Posté le 23 déc. 2015

C'est vraiment super, sa me sauve la vie :)

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