What are Earthquakes? 12.00 / 20

Exposé d'anglais, niveau collège, sur Les tremblements de terre: what are the Eathquakes?


The shaking or trembling caused by the sudden release of energy
Usually associated with faulting or breaking of rocks
Continuing adjustment of position results in aftershocks [...]


  • What is the Elastic Rebound Theory?
  • The Focus and Epicenter of an Earthquake
  • Seismographs record earthquake events
  • Where Do Earthquakes Occur and How Often?
  • The Economics and Societal Impacts of EQs
  • What are Seismic Waves?
  • Surface Waves: R and L waves
  • How is an Earthquake's Epicenter Located?
  • How are the Size and Strength of an Earthquake Measured?
  • What are the Destructive Effects of Earthquakes?
  • Can Earthquakes be Predicted?
  • Can Earthquakes be Controlled?



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Posté le 3 nov. 2009

Il est pas de mon niveau d'anglais, beaucoup trop long et difficile.

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