Explication texte : Doing good can make you doing some good too

Explication de texte pour l\'oral d\'anglais au bac

The document is an article which comes from Speakeasy. It’s entitle “Doing good can do you some good, too !” and is composed of several text which deals with the student’s gap year project and four pictures of the gappers.
The gappers are help by the organisation Gap Activity Project to plan their gap year project. This charity organises voluntary works in 27 countries for 17 to 19 years olds like teach in a school in a poor country or work for the environment. The gappers are generally students who decide to take a gap year before starting the university to do different things, to travel the world or to work for a charity abroad. (...)

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Plan :

  • Introduction
  • the gappers and their photographies
  • the pictures 
  • Conclusion

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