Dialogue about smoking in films 18.00 / 20

Rapport d'Anglais, niveau Lycée, sur la cigarette dans les films (Dialogue about smoking in films).

Dialogue entre deux personnages : l'un pensant que la cigarette doit être interdite dans les films et l'autre le contraire.

Consignes : Write a dialogue between someone who thinks smoking should be banned in movies and someone who thinks it shouldn't.

Extrait :

Brandon and Brenda are two friends, they decides to go to cinema. Brandon wanted to smoke before the movie, Brenda raised up she is against cigarettes. She asked Brandon about smoking in films.
" - Do you think smoking should be banned in movies ? " Brenda asked.
" - I totally disagree with this idea ! " Brandon replied, shaking his head
" - But why ! Do you realize how unconscionable is it ? "
" - It has to be admitted that smoking makes the characters look more sexy and glamorous," he admitted. " It shows their bad boy image and attitude, it gives them style and viewers like that ! " (...)

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