Change Management : Competitiveness Automotive Sector

Change Management : Competitiveness of the automotive sector

"For the company, competitiveness is the ability to provide products and services as or more effectively and efficiently than the relevant competitors. In the traded sector, this means sustained success in international markets without protection or subsidies. Although transportation costs might allow firms from a nation to compete successfully in their home market or in adjacent markets, competitiveness usually refers to advantage obtained through superior productivity"

Table of Contents :

1 Introduction

1.1 Definition of competitiveness
1.2 Automotive sector
Competitiveness in automotive sector
1.3 Scope of work

2 Approach

3 Introduction to the topic

4 External Factor triggering Change

4.1 Innovation & Technologies
Innovation is more than ever the engine of growth and the basis of competitiveness of the company
4.2 Lower cost
4.3 New Markets, new competition

5 Role of change management in automotive sector

5.1 Management of Innovation
5.2 Management on new market

6 What outlook for change in automotive sector?



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