The United Kingdom food market

Mémoire Marketing

Mémoire en langue anglaise sur le marché des produits alimentaires au Royaume-Uni : habitudes de consommation, lieux, prix, tendances actuelles, budget consacré aux produits alimentaires par les ménages britanniques.

The question is :
Have the UK people the same trends and budget in terms of food consumption or are there any specificities for the different component areas ?

That is what will be treated through the study of the main features of the country, the current trends for food and then, thanks to the budget and prices devoted to food by households.


Plan :


I. General points

A. Size of the market

B. Structure of households

C. Basic products in a Briton's life


II. Current consumption trends

A. The different meals of the day

B. Habits in the different areas

C. Emergence of new consumers' profiles

D. Eating and cooking habits

E. Consumption habits on places


III. A comprehensive study in figures : products, prices and households' expenditure

A. The main categories of food products

B. Evolution of food products pricing

C. The budget devoted to food by households

D. A  thorough comparison of households' consumption trends



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