Renewable energies

The stake in the next years is going to be to answer big an energy challenge. Indeed at the end of century we are going to have to face a shortage of the fossil fuels. The offer(supply) of energy is going to decrease while the demand will always be more important notably in countries in strong development. The difficulties facing this definitive exhaustion will be all the more important for next generations. Indeed we still have a certain margin of operation thanks to reserves of important fossil fuels.Because of the human activity, the concentration of greenhouse gases exploded since the preindustrial period.

The combined effects of all the greenhouse gases amount to an increase of 50 % of the CO2 today since this period. To stabilize the concentration of CO2 has its current level, it would be necessary to reduce at once from 50 to 70 % the emissions of this gas. This gas being produced by the combustion of fossil fuels, The reduction of CO2 emissions will pass by a reduction of sound the use accompanied by the development of alternative energies. Commitments were taken in this direction by a part of the countries of the world to slow down the reheating of our planet. The most known are the Kyoto’s protocol ( 1997 ) which fixed as objective to reduce of 5,2 % the refusals(discharges) of greenhouse gas(gases) of the world to the horizon 2010 with regard to 1990. The European Union committed as for her to a reduction of 8 % of its emissions.

Finally the fossil fuels create interdependence of countries. Approximately 50 % of the energy consumed within the European Community results from country which are not a part of the European Union. Without change at the level of the energy production, and considering the predictable increase of the consumption, this energy dependence would pass in 70 % before 2030.
We can easily imagine the economic and politics tensions which could arise from the reduction of the fossil resources, what would question the supply security of all the countries.

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1. Differents renewable energies

- Biomass
- Solar energies
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- Wind energies
- Geothermal energies

2. Stakes & Limits

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