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1.4 Getting the Game Running Go to the Start menu, select Programs/Acclaim Entertainment/Re-Volt (if you have used the default path) The game will now be started. Navigating around the menus is simply a case of using the cursor keys to move around the selections and ENTER to choose them. 1.5 Background Story For years Toy-Volt had been producing games and toys for children all over the world. Within months of introducing their first products they shot to the top of their trade. No-one could put their finger on exactly what it was that made the toys so popular. Sure, they employed the best craftsmen and designers in the world, but there was something else about them, something almost magic. With their latest product it appears they have used a little too much of that special ‘something’, for the radio controlled cars that were about to hit the production line have gained minds of their own. Escaping from the shelves that held them prisoners they have entered the real world, and are now creating chaos as they enjoy their new found freedom...the Toy-Volt R/C cars have Re-Volted! Re-Volt is all about fast paced arcade racing, utilizing the most realistic handling and some of the most intelligent opponents ever. Not only that, but all this action-packed, state of the art racing takes place over some of the most unusual courses ever seen in a racing game. Motoring round museums, speeding through supermarkets and tearing round toy shops are all possible in the world of Re-Volt.
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1. Introduction 1.1 Minimum System Requirements 1.2 Recommended System Requirements 1.3 Installation 1.4 Getting the game running 1.5 Background Story 2. Game Set-Up 2.1 Game Options 2.1.1 Number of Cars 2.1.2 Number of Laps 2.1.3 Pick Ups 2.1.4 Ghost Car Settings 2.2 Video Settings 2.2.1 Video Device 2.2.2 Resolution 2.2.3 Brightness and Contrast 2.2.4 Render Settings 2.3 Audio Settings 2.4 Controller Settings 2.4.1 Default controls 2.4.2 Changing controller type 2.4.3 Configuring your keys 2.4.4 Steering Deadzone, Range and Non-Linear Steering 3. Modes of Play 3.1 Single Race 3.1.1 Enter Name 3.1.2 Select Car 3.1.3 Select Track 3.2 Time Trial 3.2.1 Uploading your best time to Acclaim.Net 3.3 Multiplayer 3.3.1 Connection Type 3.3.2 Packet Optimisation 3.3.3 Direct Play Protocal 3.3.4 Random Cars 3.3.5 Starting a Game 3.3.6 Joining a Game 3.4 Championship 3.5 Practice 3.6 Stunt Arena 4. Weapons 4.1 Shockwave 4.2 Firework 4.3 Firework Pack 4.4 Electro Pulse 4.5 Bomb 4.6 Oil Slick 4.7 Water Balloon Pack 4.8 Ball Bearing 4.9 Clone Pick-Up 4.10 Turbo Battery 4.11 Electro Star 5. Miscellaneous Information 5.1 Known Problems 5.2 How to report bugs/submit comments 5.3 Legal Bits --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1 Minimum System Requirements P200 Processor 32 MB RAM 4 MB 3D Accelerator Card 4X CD-ROM drive Direct X compatible Sound Card DirectX 6.0 or higher 102 MB hard disk space
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