Survey on security issues in file management in cloud computing environment

Cloud computing has pervaded through every aspect of Information technology in past decade. It has
become easier to process plethora of data, generated by various devices in real time, with the advent of
cloud networks. The privacy of user’s data is maintained by data centers around the world and hence it
has become feasible to operate on that data from lightweight portable devices. But with ease of processing
comes the security aspect of the data. One such security aspect is secure file transfer either internally
within cloud or externally from one cloud network to another. File management is central to cloud
computing and it is paramount to address the security concerns which arise out of it. This survey paper
aims to elucidate the various protocols which can be used for secure file transfer and analyze the
ramifications of using each protocol.

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File transfer protocol (FTP), Secure Shell (SSH), Secure file transfer protocol (SFTP), Secure
Socket layer (SSL), Transport layer security (TLS), IPSec, Tunneling, Secure copy (SCP), File
Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer (FTPS)

32 téléchargements

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